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We believe every neurological condition is treatable with comprehensive and adequate neurorehabilitation approach

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After receiving treatment at the Neuroworx clinic in Utah, USA, for nine months, I was the first patient to be treated at the MAIR clinic when it started operations September 1st, 2015. I am still receiving treatments for my paraplegia caused by a spinal cord injury. Dr. Sbai, who I call "tonton", and the MAIR staff helped during the last few years and their love and support changed me as a person and how I see myself living with paraplegia. I now see no limits on what I could accomplish in life. I can now stand and walk with crutches and braces. I love tonton and the MAIR staff and I am forever grateful.
My son Alaa was a very active child. His older sister by 2 years was assigned to hold his hand all the time from home to school and back. But during the fall of 2015, few weeks after the start of school year (October), on the day of his traffic injury, his sister was firmly holding his hand while crossing the street, when he decided to free himself and run toward the other side of the street. That’s when he was violently struck by a motor bike that propelled him more than 10 meters in the air before he landed on the pavement, head first. He was 6 years old. His head injury was severe and put him in a coma. When his overall health condition was stable, he was discharged from the hospital and was sent home. Watching my son in a coma laying on his bed motionless was very difficult for me and his mom. I am a teacher in a koranic school and we did not have insurance. What made things worse is that his doctors recommended to take my son outside of the country for him to get any chance of recovery, because they told us there is no adequate therapies for his condition in Morocco. So, despite our very small financial means, all our family decided to pitch in with whatever they have and help us secure treatments for my son in France. While we were trying to figure out the details of my son transfer to France, the father of one of my students came to see me and told me about a “new rehabilitation center founded by Americans, known as MAIR clinic” and that he knows the person who is leasing them the building space. I contacted this gentleman, Faysal, and he introduced me to the manager of this center. We explained to them my son’s condition and asked them for help. Without hesitation their response was a yes. When we asked about therapy costs, we learned that cost of one moth of therapy in France would pay for nine months of therapy at the MAIR clinic. But a final approval my son’s admission was necessary after consultation with the CEO of MAIR. This gentleman’s name is Dr. Mohammed Sbai, who is living in the United States. So, we expect to hear from them in a few days or weeks. We were pleasantly surprised to get a call from them next day saying that Dr. Sbai approved our request and that they needed to come to our home and check his condition in details. Dr. Sbai requested a complete report of my son’s condition and medical history. They took all medical information we had on file and my son’s started therapy the following week. Things started very slow with small signs of improvement. But he was still in a coma. About a month after start of therapy, Dr. Sbai came to town and he met us to discuss my son’s case. Like MAIR staff, he did not hesitate to assure us that they will do all they can to help my son recover to the maximum. Dr. Sbai then attended a therapy session and performed multiple neurological tests on my son. I remember seeing excitement on his face when he told me that the prognosis of my son is rather good. I hardly kept my emotions under control, I gave him a big hug and I told him that my family will be forever grateful. I became more aware of the fact that Dr. Sbai and MAIR staff are good people, great in what they do. My son Alaa underwent one year and half of therapy at MAIR. It was hard work for MAIR staff and our family, and as Alaa was making progress, the intensity of therapy increased. Now we have our son back. He lost one year of school, but he regained all of his health. He is a happy boy now, went back to school and is doing very well. We did the right thing to bring Alaa to the MAIR clinic. Contrary to some warnings we received from local doctors, with the help of God, MAIR clinic saved my son’s life and restored his health. I will pray for the rest of my life that may God always bless them and the work they do for others.
My daughter Roumaissae came to the MAIR clinic in 2016. She suffered a severe hypoxia at birth that went untretaed for hours. So, she was never able to stand or walk or even crawl. She was also unable to communicate except for one or two hand gestures. As she was growing, involuntary movements affecting her arms and legs were so severe she could not even sit and was bedridden all the time. After several months of intense therapy at MAIR, we started noticing a better control/coordination in her hands and more strength in her legs that allowed her to stand and bear weight for the first. I remember that day very well and it was simply unbelievable to see. Now that she has spent years of therapy at MAIR, Roumaissae is able to stand with ease and walk short distance with the help of assistive device, while maintaining good balance. Her eye-hand coordination is almost normal. She is also more aware of her environment and communicate with hand gestures much better. It is a joy to see her now able to socialize with her siblings and cousins, especially the one she confessed wanting to marry one day! She loves being on my side in the kitchen when am cooking. She is always trying to cook something on the side. Thanks to the love, support and magnificent therapies she is receiving at MAIR, we are hopeful my daughter will achieve her independence and become a productive member of society.
I would like to thank Dr. Sbai and his team at the MAIR center for all the help and therapy I received from them. I am a stroke survivor and I used to play soccer as the goalkeeper for the Marrakech soccer club. Soon after my stroke, my club supported me a lot and provided me resources to help me get better. Unfortunately, my condition did not get any better after using up all my resources. I became stranded at home and my health and disability was only getting worse. Fortunately, my former club manager heard of the MAIR clinic and contacted them on my behalf. They told him that I am welcome to come in and receive therapy, for free. First my wife and I were skeptical because I had no results from past therapy I paid for. But I ended up going to MAIR and I can now say that it was one of my best decisions ever. MAIR staff was very kind and proactive about all I needed to do. I never experienced a more comprehensive and intense therapy regiment. So it was very hard for me in the beginning but I knew that it will pay off. And it did. After more than one year and half of therapy at MAIR, I became able to stand and walk on my own and I recovered most of my left hand functions. I was discharged from MAIR when I felt able to go back to work and support my family again. MAIR impact on my personal and family life is priceless.
We decided to bring our first child and daughter for therapy at MAIR after we heard their therapists are well trained and able to treat difficult cases like our little Safae. Watching her disability grow and becoming crippling with age was very difficult for us and it made us not desiring to have more kids. We also decided to keep her inside the house most of the time to avoid people’s talking about her. My wife was especially sensitive about that and was feeling blame and at fault for Safae’s medical condition. I explained to her many times that Safae’s medical condition was caused by poor delivery conditions at the hospital when she suffered from asphyxiation. We know that because Safae’s skin color was dark blue when she born and she did not cry at all. When Dr. Sbai and his staff examined the brain images of Safae, they immediately told us that her condition was severe. They also told us that there is hope and that they will do everything to help our daughter. The beginning of therapy at MAIR was very difficult and Safae did not like it at all. But we were blessed that Dr. Sbai assigned our daughter therapy to the most trained therapist in his team, Ms. Imane Bentahar. After few months of therapy, Safae and Imane became best friends, and when Dr. Sbai was returned to town, he quickly noticed the progress made and the fact that Safae was actually a very smart girl. He recommended a more intense therapy schedule and requested us to do more exercises and therapy stuff at home. Our first memorable moment in Safae’s journey was the day she was able to walk on her own, she was almost 6 years old. The next big moment was when she started producing speech and communicating with therapists and us. Now, after spending more than 5 years of therapy at MAIR, Safae is able to write and read well. And thanks to the support of Dr. Sbai and the MAIR clinic, we were able to convince the local school and admit Safae into a normal class with normal kids. As Dr. Sbai noticed, Safae is very smart and doing great at school, ranking among top 10% of her class. Thanks to the treatments, care and love our daughter received at MAIR, all our worries about our daughter are now things of the past. This miraculous process of Safae’s recovery made us reverse our thinking and we decided to have a second child. Dr. Sbai made sure all phases of pregnancy and delivery are supervised by one of his colleague in town. So, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy, who is now playing his own role in Safae’s continuous progress. Words can not describe our gratitude toward MAIR clinic and Dr. Sbai. They are forever family to us.
I am Abdelaziz from Marrakech and I used to work as janitor. In 2010, I was hit by a truck while coming out of a bus. I suffered severe trauma to my neck and head. several weeks later, I was discharged from the hospital while still in a coma, which lasted for months after that. I was bedridden with my wife doing everything for me. When I regain some of my consciousness, my family wanted me to get some rehabilitation but we could not afford it. We received some financial support from local NGOs that we used to get some home therapy, but I was not able to make any progress. We heard about the MAIR clinic from a family friend who encourage us to seek their help. He told my wife that they are like no other organization we dealt with in the past. My wife contacted them about my case and they immediately welcomed the idea of providing me rehabilitation for free, no question asked. They gave my wife a wheelchair so that she can bring to the clinic the following day. My wife made the effort to put me on that wheelchair and push me from home all the way to the MAIR clinic. I am eternally grateful that we found MAIR clinic. I started rehabilitation with them in summer of 2016, at a pace of three times per week. Am still coming to MAIR but now am coming on my own, walking to the clinic and back home. In the clinic, MAIR staff are allow me to do things on my own, because now I can sit/stand, walk, pray, shower, eat...all on my own. My family and I can not express enough gratitude to Dr. Sbai and MAIR staff. From day one, they gave us hope, encouragements and they put me through intense therapy program that saved my health and life. May God bless them and their work.
My son Timothy was born with a complex genetic disease affecting his bones and muscles so severely he dis not experience any of the normal developmental milestones, suffering from join pain and basically being bedridden since he was a baby. We are from Spain and we lived near Madrid most of our life. My ex-wife and I tried physical rehabilitation for my son since the first year after birth and this process went on for years. There is no question it helped Timothy a lot and especially maintaining a good overall health. With age he gained some motor functions in his arms and, with some help, he became partially able to feed himself, bath himself, write and few other things. But he was never able to stand up and walk. When my Spanish employer assign him a job in Marrakech, Timothy stayed with his mom. Once I did settled in my new job, I asked my ex-wife to bring Timothy for a few weeks vacation in Marrakech. Before his arrival, I had to hire a nurse or medical aid to assist with his needs at home. This person mentioned to me the MAIR Clinic and said they are doing "miracles" with disabled kids. I knew my son's condition is not treatable by nature but I decided to visit them anyway. I had the luck of finding the head of this clinic in town. He was very pleasant and encourage to bring my son for testings and requested all past medical history. After receiving my son's medical file in the mail, we went to see Dr. Sbai and his team. They about two hours to look at the medical file and he basically told us what we knew all along: no cure for Timothy's conditions, but they are many therapies that may drastically improve his disabilities. I gave them the ok to start and decided to extend my son's stay in Marrakech. With only few weeks of therapy, five session per week, I understood why the aid told me that MAIR are producing miracles! My son's abilities with hands drastically improved. A surprising thing I learned is that human brain has a great capability of adaptation and change in order to overcome injury or disease. They explained to me that this especially true if therapy is specifically designed to tap into these brain capabilities. A great example was to keep Timothy in the clinic during lunch time and order his favorite food: suchi. MAIR team refused to let me help him. Worse, they encourage my son to use chopsticks! at first, it was a disastrous experience. But because Timothy loves suchi he kept trying like I never seen him do before. He ended up mastering chopsticks and that affects his overall hands use. This smart and effective way of therapy design also helped Timothy to bear weight and stand on his legs. Next thing we experienced is him able to walk on a treadmill while being secured with a harness. I would like to finish by expressing our admiration and deep gratitude for the education and help we recieved at MAIR and for Timothy's accomplishments that changed his life and ours: for the first time in my life I started to believe my son has no disabilities.
My wife Virginie and I are from Southern France. She had a stroke during the last month of her pregnancy with our first child. This came out of no where and it has a devastating effect on our entire family. Virginie lost her speech, became paralyzed on her right side, depressed and confused about many things and basically depending on me and our family for everything. My parent-in-law stepped in and provided huge support. Thanks God pregnancy was stabilized and delivery went fine and we had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. This had a huge impact on all of us. The babe helped my wife reconnect with us and her environment. She started rehabilitation in a a very large facility near our home in France. After more that a year, Virginie regain some shot distant walking but her gait was very instable and she was at high risk of fall. The doctor in charge of her rehabilitation told us that after all these months of therapy, my wife had achieved all she can and that she needs to keep doing all she can at home. We purchased a wheelchair and we remodeled our home around my wife's needs and that was our new life. In the spring of 2016, we decided to spend a short vacation in Morocco, in a small town one hour drive from Marrakech, which is a major touristic city. Some friends from this city invited us and we decided to go check it out. They heard about the MAIR clinic and insisted that we go check it out. We felt in love with their staff who welcomed us very warmly, and when we asked about their program, fees and other things, I felt strongly we had to try it. I alerted my in-laws and started brining my wife to therapy at MAIR three times per week. I stayed with her two more weeks until my in-laws arrived. Virginie ended up receiving therapy at MAIR for 4 months. At some point, she was getting therapy twice per day, 5 days per week. She regained her walking ability with almost no balance deficit, and more importantly, she regain 70-80% of her speech. MAIR was very good to her. We had to pay everything from pocket, and MAIR was very kind approving us for whatever we were able to afford. Virginie had to return to France due to some administrative issues and our growing baby. Words can describe our gratitude and respect for the MAIR clinic as an institution and their wonderful staff. The case of Virginie and the many patients we encountered at MAIR convinced us that stroke should not be a life ended condition and with a good medical expertise stroke patient can recover a lot.
My name is Hassan and I came to the MAIR clinic following recommendation by a local non-profit that was sponsoring my medical care and therapy for years. In 1994, I suffered a severe back injury in a construction job and I became paraplegic. After undergoing surgery I was discharged and sent home. After few months of being bedridden, I developed massive bedsores in my grown and feet and I had to returned to the hospital for treatment that last several months. I almost died twice. So when I was discharged the second time, I knew I had to avoid bedsores from developing and I started seeking help. Fortunately, I found a local NGO that sponsored medical care and therapy for me. I am grateful because they helped me for years and during this process I developed skills that helped me take good care of my skin and avoid bedsores. When this NGO told me that they can no longer sponsor me, I was devastated because I could afford buying any medical supplies. This was in summer of 2015. In early September of same year, the NGO called me to let me know that there is a new rehabilitation facility that just opened in Marrakech city and that they are providing free therapy for needy patients. I was excited and next day I drove my home-made tricycle from my village (75km in the Atlas mountains surrounding Marrakech) to meet with the MAIR staff. Like I has been told, they accepted treating me for free.
It has been now more than seven years since I started therapy at MAIR. They are family to me. I never experienced therapy like the one at MAIR. My upper body strength is a lot better and now I can sit on a flat surface without the risk of falling. Moreover, I now can do transfer from bed to wheelchair and back, from wheelchair to my tricycle and back as well as for my toilette needs. Dr. Sbai and his staff treat me like a star. He always tell me that I am his greatest patient because of my dedication to therapy and my perseverance. I love him and MAIR staff like family and I thank God for connecting me with them.
At the age of three years old, my son Imrane suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his entire left side. He became unable to sit, could not communicate, could not stand or walk and became overall weak. We live in the country side, about 100 km from Marrakech. My husband works in the farms around the area where we live and our financials are very low. Our first and only choice for any treatment for my son was the university hospital in Marrakech. It take us a one mile of walking on dirt road to reach paved road where we usually have to wait 1-2 hours to catch a taxi for a 20 mins ride that bring us to a bus station, where we take a bus to Marrakech. Once in Marrakech, we usually take another taxi to reach the university hospital. So, it was a challenge to take my son to this facility. Worse is their lack of proactivity in dealing with son’s health condition: every time we come for follow up, we find a different doctor and we kept changing the medications. Sometime these changes caused more harm than good and we felt lost. And my son’s condition only got worse and I started to think that may be putting him through those long and exhausting trips is actually harmful to him. But I kept my hope and continued to do follow ups at the university hospital. In late 2018, a young doctor examined my son and he told me that he does not need most of the costly medications he is taking and that his condition requires therapy. He then recommended to seek treatment at the MAIR clinic. He told me that they are the only facility in town that can help my son and wrote me a referral letter for therapy. I took the letter and went home. I discussed with husband what I learned and we agreed to go visit MAIR clinic. The following day I left home around 5am and after a lot of searching and asking people in the street, I was happy to locate the MAIR clinic. The manager and a therapist received me and after listening and documenting my son’s condition, they informed me that they have a waiting list and that the best thing they can do is for my son to be added to that list. I was little disappointed but I knew these two ladies were good hearted and felt there is hope for my son. So, I left town with a sense of accomplishment. About a week later, the therapist called my husband and told him that they needed to see us. This was the end of December 2018. My husband replied that we will come visit them as soon as our financial would allow it. So, on January 24, 2019 we both took our son to Marrakech and met with the MAIR manager. We were so happy to hear that they decided to admit my son and sponsor his therapy and our transportation cost. I could not hold my tears back and I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Apparently, the founder of MAIR clinic, Dr. Sbai, saw my son’s case and instructed MAIR staff to make him a priority because of the great potential for good outcome. My son is still receiving therapy at MAIR. Dr. Sbai’s prognosis was correct: my son is now walking and running almost like any healthy boy of his age. Last year, he began to speak and communicate more and more with words. MAIR therapist focused his treatment on that. Early this year, following recommendation from Dr. Sbai, my son started going to school and he doing very well. Every day I see my son going with his dad to school, my heart got filled with joy and gratitude. We pray every day that God may bless the MAIR clinic and help them in their extraordinary work and efforts to help and rescue the sick and the injured.
I am a 46 years old, spinal cord injury patient from Laayoun, a city in the Moroccan Sahara, more than 850km south of Marrakech. In 2017, I suffered a back injury in a car accident. I have a very successful business and soon after my injury I tried getting treatments from local hospitals and therapists, but despite spending considerable money and efforts, I noticed that my condition and overall health was slowly regressing. A friend of mine who is originally from Marrakech city heard about patients who were successfully treated at the MAIR clinic. So, in late 2020, my wife and I decided to travel to Marrakech and see if they can help us. MAIR administrator was very nice but she quickly told us that immediate admission is not possible and that we need to get in their waiting list. And she told us it may take months to a year for us to be admitted. A couple of months after returning home, I had to go to the hospital for an urgent urinary infection. The young doctor who treated me was recently trained in Marrakech and he asked me if I heard of the MAIR clinic. I told him that we are on their waiting list. But he encouraged me to keep trying and show our willingness to relocate to Marrakech for a long-term therapy program. Few days later, I called MAIR administrator and renewed my desire to get therapy because my health and life depends on it. She repeated her position but at after seeing how persistent and desperate I was, she promised to discuss my case during one of their weekly meetings. We waited few weeks and then we received a call from the MAIR administrator saying Dr. Sbai carefully examined my case and that we could come for therapy only if we are committed for a long-term. We immediately informed our family and our parents were very supportive. With still no kids of our own, my wife and I decided to rent a house and relocate to Marrakech for as long as needed. Our parents came with us and helped us find a furnished property. Right from the start of therapy, I experienced what I heard about MAIR therapy approach: they treated me for as long as I can handle and it was very hard during first few weeks. They then increased my weekly sessions from 2 to 4. Now I am having 5 sessions of therapy per week in addition to several exercices that my wife was trained to do for me. We report video recordings to my therapist every week. Since arriving at MAIR, my health improved a lot. My sitting position is perfect and constipation is long gone, my sleep improved a lot. I am now back to driving my car after doing some retrofitting on it. My sexual functions partially came back and with the help and support of the MAIR clinic and their medical contacts in Marrakech, my wife and I are trying to get pregnant. Life is good and I feel gratitude for every day I got to drive to MAIR for therapy. They certainly improved my physical health drastically, but more importantly, they restore in me the confidence and hope that my entire life is still ahead of me and that my injury is just a challenge that can be overcome. We are staying in Marrakech until Dr. Sbai and his team instruct us otherwise and we will support MAIR in any way we can and for as long as am alive.

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