Our Approach

MAIR team of highly experienced and specialized therapists (neuro-therapists as we like to call them) are dedicated to helping their patients rebuild their lives with proactive therapy specifically designed around each patient’s medical condition and neurological deficits.

From day one, they work with each patient (children and adults) to create a blueprint for maximal recovery, tapping into the best practices of the American model of neurorehabilitation, state-of-the-art medical equipment and the unlimited power of brain plasticity. Indeed, the discovery of this neurophysiological process goes back many decades ago, but in the 90s many institutions started applying the principles of brain plasticity and the result was a considerable improvement in the neurorehabilitation outcomes. This why past and continuing training of MAIR staff features content dealing with the most recent discoveries in clinical and fundamental research related to brain plasticity. We believe these efforts will ensure that MAIR staff are always innovating and improving their therapy approach while seeking better and better outcomes.

MAIR staff is a well-coordinated team, working together and helping patients and their families obtain the care they need, empowering them to do more at home, encouraging them with hope and positive thinking so that they can regain their independence and dignity. Another important aspect of our approach is to help patients navigate their journey over a lifetime: we are always advocating for the full inclusion of discharged patients in all aspects of community life while promoting safety and injury prevention.
MAIR staff treat every patient with the same proactivity, respect and hopeful attitude. They design therapy protocol around each patient’s condition and neurological deficits, while taping into each patient’s strong interests, abilities and goals.
MAIR proactive therapy start with the patient and patient’s family commitment toward recovery. That’s why all MAIR patients are requested to commit to home therapy prior to admission. MAIR staff keep excellent communication with their patients outside working hours, including weekends, so that more progress is made at home.


Current MAIR is a small facility offering only outpatient neurorehabilitation services

MAIR does not offer lodging for out-of-town patients, but we do have local non-profit partners who are in position to do that.

MAIR is located in the center of modern Marrakech downtown. It is accessible by bus and taxis.
MAIR staff will provide all needed assistance and help with access into MAIR.
MAIR is a not-for-profit facility. All patients who candidates for benefiting from MAIR services and are not able financially, are treated either for free or for a symbolic fee. Financially able patients pay by there own or via medical insurance

Every patient admitted at MAIR will be assigned a therapy protocol that is specific to their condition. As therapy progresses, number of sessions will increase. Typically, new patients receive 3 sessions per week, with each session lasting between 45 mins to 60 mins in the beginning.

Each patient’s condition is unique and so is their therapy protocol and recovery time. MAIR staff always try to reach maximal recovery: some patients need few weeks of therapy, others need several months or even years.

Every patient needs to take a break from therapy, once in a while, like during official holidays. We discourage long break as that usually negate progress made

Our Services

The comprehensive list of our services is shown in the home webpage. Shown below are some of them

Why Choose MAIR

Proactive innovative Therapy Approach

Team work focused on your recovery

Friendly Staff who treat you like family

Our goal is your maximum recovery

Some Client Testimonials... Please see Home page for more

My son Alaa was a very active child. His older sister by 2 years was assigned to hold his hand all the time from home to school and back. But during the fall of 2015, few weeks after the start of school year (October), on the day of his traffic injury, his sister was firmly holding his hand while crossing the street, when he decided to free himself and run toward the other side of the street...See Home page for the rest this testimonial
After receiving treatment at the Neuroworx clinic in Utah, USA, for nine months, I was the first patient to be treated at the MAIR clinic when it started operations September 1st, 2015. I am still receiving treatments for my paraplegia caused by a spinal cord injury. Dr. Sbai, who I call "tonton", and the MAIR staff helped during the last few years and their love and support changed me as a person and how I see myself living with paraplegia...See Home Page for the rest of this testimonial
I would like to thank Dr. Sbai and his team at the MAIR center for all the help and therapy I received from them. I am a stroke survivor and I used to play soccer as the goalkeeper for the Marrakech soccer club. Soon after my stroke, my club supported me a lot and provided me resources to help me get better. Unfortunately, my condition did not get any better after using up all my resources. I became stranded at home and my health and disability was only getting worse...See Home Page for the rest of this testimonial
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