Our Mission - Our Vision

The mission of MAIR is to treat all patients with temporary or permanent neurological conditions caused by diseases or injuries affecting the central nervous system. Our proactive neurorehabilitation program is focused on harvesting the benefits of brain plasticity (a.k.a, neuroplasticity) and to always ensure maximum recovery for our patients. MAIR services are constantly being updated based on MAIR own operations and success stories, the most updated therapy protocols, but also in coordination and collaboration with our American partners. This is allowing MAIR staff to stay up to date on the most advanced neuro-rehabilitation practices in the world and specifically in the United States. These ongoing collaborations are also helping the growing of a local tradition of innovation and translational research in clinical neuroscience and neurorehabilitation.
The ultimate goal of our work is to help our patients rebuild their lives with hope and proactive/adequate therapy approach, while strongly advocating for their family’s support at the MAIR clinic and most importantly at home.
Thanks to the great work and the well-established success stories at MAIR during last few years, we are currently preparing to grow MAIR operations (working space and staff) so that more and more patients can benefit from our proven, propactive neurorehabilitation services. We plan to establish a MAIR medical campus comprising several subspecialties directly related to neurorehabilitation. This vision also calls for a comprehensive inpatient neurorehabilitation services. We believe such facility will be able to treat up to 500 patients per day, and will have a positive and transformative impact on the Moroccan healthcare system and an inspiration for other healthcare systems in the African continent.

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